Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boldly Go

 bold  -adjective
 1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring

A couple of years ago, my husband, Paul and I took a cruise to Mexico.  We had a wonderful time seeing the sights, reconnecting with one another and creating some new memories.  One of excursions we decided to join was a Canopy Tour.  Not easy for a girl that prefers to have her feet on the ground but for the love of my husband I gave it try.

When we arrived at the site, we were geared up with a harness, hard hat and gloves and after a short safety demonstration we were led to our first "jumping-off" point. The platform itself was only a few feet off the ground. No problem.  So, I with the help of my guide I hooked onto the cable strung between the trees and "flew" through the air to the next tree. I now would find myself standing a very small see-through landing about 25 feet in the air. Not too bad. At this point I should really start to feel a little bit uncomfortable with my surroundings but that just wasn't the case.  Instead, I felt exhilarated and secure. Ready for more. I think this was due much to the ever present guide who was taking charge of safely clipping my harness from cable to cable and encouraging my progress through the course. Her expertise set my mind at ease and a certain boldness set in as I continued to travel from tree to tree eventually finding myself at a height of 100 feet in the canopy.

Who would have thought that clinging to the side of a 100+ foot tree would turn out to be an wonderful experience but it was just that.  Fear of falling should have taken over but instead peace was present. The fearful surroundings melted away replaced by a feeling of security as I trusted the expert. And with that security it allowed me to really enjoy the experience.

 Another person we know had a somewhat similar encounter in his life.  In Matthew 14, we find an account of a time when Jesus walks across stormy surface of the lake to join his disciples.  Not many of us are surprised as Jesus walks on the water. After all, we expect miracles from Him  It is only when a follower named Peter steps out of the boat to join him that we begin to wonder. A mere man doing the impossible. What is so special about him?  I believe it was his trust in the Lord. As long as Peter's confidence was in Jesus he walked safely across the waves but the moment his security sifted to his environment he began to panic and sink.

In Psalm 28:7 it says,
"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."

This Psalm implies that David was in need of help and he trusted the Lord who strengthens and shields him.   The word for trust here is batach also translates to have confidence, to be secure, to be bold.  Another way to put it is-- David was secure with a bold confidence that the Lord would help him in his time of trouble. Bold also describes Peter as he stepped out of the boat and headed toward his Lord.  He had no doubts while his eyes were fixed on Jesus. We can also operate in boldness in all our circumstances if we do the same.  And just as David's heart leaps for joy and thankfulness so shall ours as we confidently, securely, boldly move forward toward the Lord.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, For the Love of Food!

"Then the angel said to me, ... 'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!' " And he added, "These are the true words of God."  Revelation 19:9

There are days when I can't wait to get to heaven.  Can you just picture it?  The celebrating! The excitement! The food!! Yes, I admit it. I love food. That's part of the reason I am in the position that I'm in with pounds to spare on my body. But in heaven... in my new body... I can only hope this will no longer be an issue.

I not only love to eat it but I also like to prepare it.  Cooking is something I do just for fun.  My daughter has termed it 'Recreational Cooking'. I gain much satisfaction from planning, preparing and execution of a meal. These past few days, God has reminded me of some excellent recipes that fit into a healthy eating plan so from time to time I will be sharing some that I find not only delicious but also satisfying.  Part of the problem in my life is that there are so many events that include eating. Parties, Bible studies, family outings all seem to throw a wrench in the works when it comes to eating healthy. This recipe is great for a brunch or lite dinner. For my Weight Watcher friends it is 4 points per serving. I like to substitute spinach and some sun dried tomatoes for the broccoli. Enjoy!

4 eggs
1-1/4 cups  1% milk
3 slices whole wheat bread, crusts removed, cubed
4 cups  small broccoli florets, cooked, chopped
1 cup chopped onions
3/4 cup  KRAFT Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Beat eggs and milk with wire whisk until well blended. Add bread; mix lightly. Stir in remaining ingredients until well blended.
POUR into 9-inch square baking dish.
BAKE 45 min. or until center is set and crust is lightly browned. Let stand 10 min. before cutting to serve.

Serves 6 -- 180 calories, 9 fats, 3 fibers --  4 ww pts.